Why deal with illegals when you have 31,000 legitimate Brokers to deal with? Get to know them and check out their listings here!

I heard some comments from buyers or clients that they don’t care if the real estate person they deal with are licensed or not as long as they provide the services they need. Then here you can read or watch in the news about buyers who were scammed, lost money to unscrupulous agents. Really sad to hear those comments  when there is already a law that professionalizes the real estate industry. The law was enacted to protect the buyers and the public.

Since RA 9646 or RESA law was passed in 2009 and licensing of real estate practitioners were transferred to PRC, there are already more than 31,000 licensed Real Estate Brokers who are allowed to register twenty (20) real estate salespersons each! And as for the number of Real Estate Salespersons, there are 8,055 of them approved by PRC as of Feb 15, 2017.  So there is no reason to deal with illegals. Protect yourself.  Its like when you are sick, you want to go to legitimate doctors, not to quack doctors. Why risk your hard earned money with illegals when there are so many legitimate Brokers to choose from?

Let them help you make it easy and safe to buy homes, sell your properties, help you in documentation problems, or any real estate services. Deal only with legitimate Real Estate Service Professionals!

Here is one site that you can search some of them and get to know them and their listings. If you need their services, they would gladly help.


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