By:  Rex Enrico DV Cruz III, REB, LLB, LLM
The Philippines (and the rest of the world) feels the effect of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, social media is also buzzing with a lot of anti-China sentiments.

The question is not whether having this sentiment is misplaced. The proper and more accurate question is can you blame the Filipinos for being anti-China right now. 
Other than the origin of this dreaded disease, the issues in the West Philippine Sea, the defective PPEs, the untouchable POGOs, the private “hospital”, and to add, the Sino-sponsored revival of an aging singer’s career. None of these will help China’s PR campaign.And because of these, some sectors are even calling for the outright boycott of everything coming from the Mainland. And this is where the problem lies.You see, in my own inconsequential social media account, I noticed a lot of people show their disdain or even hatred of what the Mainlanders are doing to the Philippines.Among these netizens are from the real estate industry. They have intelligent opinions and right observations on why China is totally wrong. But unfortunately, most of these people are also instrumental in the proliferation of these Mainlanders in the country.At present, most of our Real Estate Brokers are so eager to cater to Chinese clients or their Filipino representatives. Some will prefer offering their residential listings as staff houses to POGO workers.Never mind if most of these workers are unsophisticated or even unhygienic. Or even if they will bully the other residents, the staff, the security and maintenance of the condominium. Or even violate rules and commit crimes.

The bottom line for some is the commission fee that they will earn. The “one-month rental for every year of lease” or that 3% sales commission. Is this your “13 pieces of silvers” for helping the influx of POGO workers?

When we say, “China you are not welcome” or when we give those thumb’s down in the propaganda song, it means, we should walk the talk.

We in the Real Estate Industry can do our share by exercising some sort of Real Estate Nationalism.

To cite specifics, if you are against POGO, then be united in depriving them of the offices or staff houses they need. Make it extra difficult for them. Stop openly spreading your listings and start catering back to the Filipino people who already suffered because of the Sino-induced rise of real estate prices.

Another will be involving those who are more than willing to act as a “dummy” in order for aliens to purchase hectares and hectares of land. We cannot prevent the dumbness of the dummy but the Real Estate Broker can recall his or her oath and decide to uphold the law of the land and prevent from selling his or her country out.

Please don’t dismiss these actions as inconsequential. They might be baby-steps in walking the talk, but sometimes, all it takes is the first step.

I know real estate sales and brokerage is our source of living. We will not take it for granted, we will just need to work hard. Go back to the basic, sought out that young Filipino couple or that newbie professional, do your sales talk; and help him realize his dream of owning a house or a condo unit.

Nationalism already prevented numerous invasions. We don’t need to be combatants to fight. We are Real Estate Practitioners with a nationalist heart and pride. We offer our services to the Filipino people and their friends. And China and the Mainland Chinese, they are not my friends, nor my country’s friend nor yours. REDVC

 -The author is a lawyer and a real estate broker for over two decades now. At present, he is the Head of Legal of a company engage in property and leisure development. At the same time, he maintains his moderate law practice. Despite these commitments, he is part of the academe being a faculty of the Comlaw Department of De La Salle University-Manila, and the College of Law of De La Salle Lipa and San Sebastian College

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